Services We Provide

Construction Management & Administration

The primary responsibility for a project manager providing administration services is to manage risk, and ensure that the project meets the scope, budget and schedule set forth by the contract. To manage the demands of such a project requires a high level of experience, accuracy and quality control.

The following services may be provided:



Typically based on daily onsite observations of construction activities.

Basic functions of ACS inspectors include:

  • Attend project related meetings such as progress, pre-installation, coordination and closeout meetings
  • Prepare daily reports documenting construction activities, location of work performed, materials used, construction delays
  • Track material quantities, equipment used, and manpower
  • Confirm contractor is following approved schedule
  • Confirm materials installed comply with approved submittals and shop drawings
  • Notify project team of any discrepancies or deviations from the plan and specification
  • Prepare punchlist

Design Review

Taking advantage of a design review can ultimately provide cost and time savings as well as increase the longevity of a project. During an ACS design review, our client receives a systematic, comprehensive, and documented analysis of design to determine its capability and adequacy to meet the intended use or requirements.

Design reviews are provided for the following types of project:


A project scheduler plays a vital role in the construction progress, helping to manage time, budgets, and resources to ensure work is completed within the duration of a contract. ACS schedulers work directly with the project manager, consult service team and the contractor to create baseline schedules. We assess the impacts of critical path activities during schedule reviews and generate progress reports . We understand the process of completing construction work, as well as the nuances of scheduling both workers and materials without wasting either. Most importantly, we forecast potential delays, inform the client and help develop proactive solutions.

Primary scheduling software used is:


Cost Estimating

Estimating is a fundamental part of all projects from inception, through the schematic, design, and construction phases and beyond closeout. Utilizing familiar software such as RS Means and Blue Beam, ACS is able to provide approximations of the probable total cost of a project.

The primary types of estimating ACS will perform are:

Document Controls

In the fast-paced environment of today’s construction projects, ensuring all team members have access to accurate and up to date documents is extremely important. ACS provides services ranging from preparing submittals, processing payment applications, creating and maintaining RFI and Submittals registries, maintaining accurate record drawings, file retention and distribution, archiving data, and Operations and Maintenance Manual assembly.

Quality Assurance

ACS' quality assurance methodologies ensure that the end result of a project is consistent with the design and project documents. Excellent quality assurance practices will not only help avoid expensive delays when things don’t go according to plan, but they also safeguard against failures or accidents as a result of poor workmanship.